aerial view Solent Freeport

Solent Freeport seeks views on projects to receive funding

The Solent Freeport is seeking views on the first business cases published for consultation to receive funding for capital projects.

Brian Johnson, Chair of the Solent Freeport Consortium Ltd, said: “With formal designation of the Solent Freeport announced at the end of last year, national seed capital funding has now been unlocked which brings investment opportunities.  Up to £25 million in seed funding from Government will be provided to support development in each Freeport and we want to hear the views of local businesses and residents on proposals put forward for the Solent.”

The Freeport is consulting on two projects proposed to receive Solent Freeport Seed Capital Funding – one for funding towards a new Solent Maritime Innovation Hub and one for enabling works at Fawley Waterside.  Public consultations on both proposals open today (Thursday 19th January 2023).

The bids are:

  • Solent Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), through its subsidiary MUK Solent, requesting £400,000 of Solent Freeport Seed Capital Funding to contribute to the creation of a Solent Maritime Innovation Hub – a collaborative space for the Solent maritime sector to convene and network and showcase innovation in the Solent maritime sector. The proposal is for the seed funding to be complemented by a further £850,000 of funding providing a total project value of £1.25m. This consultation is open for four weeks from 19 January 2023 – 16 February 2023.
  • Fawley Waterside Ltd (FWL) requesting £4.7 million from the Solent Freeport Seed Capital fund towards a total package of £11.95 million for the delivery of enabling works on the Fawley Waterside site, a major commercial and residential development site in the New Forest to bring forward the development at the Northern Quarter. Fawley Waterside is one of the largest brownfield sites in southern England. FWL own the freehold for the site which was a former power station site. This consultation is open for eight weeks from 19 January 2023 – 16 March 2023.

To read the full business cases of the funding bids and take part in the consultation, please go to: